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filmgirl81's Journal

14 November
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Originally from Wisconsin....stop laughing. Youngest and only girl, two older brothers, two sister-in-laws and four nieces all under the age of 5! Huge extented family. Have a sassy lovable cat named Miles that greets me at the door and then tries to get out. Interesting friends, which are hard to come by now a days. Graduate of Columbia College of Chicago, though its fun to let people think the University in New York! Studied films, with a direct approach to writing. Have lived on Chi town for almost 6 years. Worked many bad jobs and some good, Ben and Jerry's being one of the good ones, though i gain 10 pounds!! Ummm...i guess that's it for now....ask me if you have questions.
and anime, dancing, food, interest......movies, music, reading, shopping, traveling